January 2021 - July 2021

Drawing someone is a very intimate and contemplative process, both for the sitter and for the artist. Quiet conversation during the drawing process can illuminate so much more about the sitter than just a drawing ever can.  As the project goes on, the portraits and conversations from the early stages will already be part of the past.  How will the realities of the future present have changed? I will endeavour to choose a wide range of people, some known to me, and some not. I want this to document, in the best sense of the word, the realities of individuals, their joys and their concerns, big and small.  The documentation will evolve with time.  Each person’s testimonies will be forever tied to their painted portraits, to be fully shared as a body of work in 2030.  Woven into the fabric of the project are little notes recording the events at that particular time, for context. Later note - April 2020 - Coronavirus has now hit us.  Who could have thought it.  This will make the content o

July 2020 - Dec 2020

  "V.B."   28 December 2020.  Sometimes we lose sight of the fact that some people are dealing with things other than pandemics. V.B. lives in Belarus, and she talks candidly and with gentle humour about the challenges of normal life under a leader who won't accept the will of the people in a democratic election. Peaceful protests are met with arrests, beatings, and far worse. A humbling conversation. 30/12/20  New Year's Eve. Oxford/Astra Zeneka vaccine approved.  Government has bought doses for 50m people.  Huge further tracts of UK moving into tier 4.  Secondary school term start to be delayed - 18th Jan. House of Commons votes to accept Brexit EU Free Trade Deal. 28/12/20 Highest daily record of Covid cases - 41,385.   24/12/20  Christmas Eve, and a Brexit deal is struck.  What does it mean? Over 6,000 trucks stuck in Kent! 22/12/20  900 lorries stuck on M20.  France demanding all drivers to be tested.  Supermarkets stockpiling. 21/12/20"Operation Stack"

Nov 2019 - July 2020 Drawing our present, our ‘now’, and watching it become our past.

"E.M." 7 July 2020.  An amazing young lady.  She is 10 years old, and a "young carer", helping to look after her disabled brother.  She talks about this with such spirit, and has great plans for the future! "E.M."  7/7/20 4/7  Pubs, restaurants, hairdressers etc. allowed to re-open.  "Super Saturday" 6/7  Huge £1.5bn fund put by to support theatres, arts and music industries. "G.R."   2 July 2020.   What an inspiring man!  A secondary school maths teacher who cares so much about the students he teaches.  He talks about the work he has done with them during lockdown, and of his fears for those who haven't been able to fully participate.  He looks ahead with infectious positivity. "G.R"  2/7/20 15/6  Non-essential shops allowed to re-open. 27/6 Air bridges opened up with Europe. "N.B."   11 June 2020.  Her very successful and popular restaurant is closed.  She talks about the terrible dilemmas she faces about the